15 tips how to grow linked in

Linked in – 15 tips on how to Grow organic traffic

Linked in quickly becomes an important platform for any digital marketer. Rapidly becoming platform of choice for B2B segments. Any modern marketer should use the given opportunities and grow website traffic with linked in. Here are few of growth hacks I find insightful and encourage Digital marketers to give a try in!

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Set up your linked in account if you do not have one. Provide all your company information, visuals and content you already have! Set up your company page – again if you do not have one!


You have heard work ‘’Content’’ dozen of times in other platforms, about how crucial is tio have engaging content and Linked in is not an exception.  Linked in likes great content and it has to be coming out regularly! You ask why? As any other platform Linked in is fighting for users attention and wishes them to spend more time on platform( eventually view more ads). Therefore the better( higher engaging ) content the higher chance the user will stay on it and longer on platform! Linked in will reward content creator with more exposure! 

Content BASIC’s 

Video is the big thing now, use it in Linked in as well! Multiple images on post raise the curiosity and just asks for that extra click! As well it indicates that the subject has been covered deeply ( or that’s to be expected) 


Use relevant hashtags. Here works Less is More principle, I have  noticed that content with 3-5 hashtags perform the best! Ideally you follow these hashtags, or you/ your company has engaged with related content before. 


Don’t forget to tag participants, partners or companies interested in your content. On your post tag relevant people. Use comment section for more general tagging. If you make a new partner, tag them in your older posts, create the bond right away, so in future they would get notified about your newest content releases.


A trick to use but not to abuse! Offer free resource in exchange for engagement( commonly like or comment). It can be resource list, check list, cheat sheet , e-book, ticket or anything else. Do it once in a while and you will see how engagement grows naturally!

Don’t forget your Fans!

Companies and influencers work hard to get the fan or customer base, but once it is there it is there.But keeping them there is also work and responsibility to take on.  Don’t forget about those people, it is not enough just with you providing content for them. Answer their comments and messages, they put their time in it – put yours as well! Provide them with exclusive content or promotions!

Use the Platform

Linked in is trying hard to introduce new functions, make sure you use them or at least try them! Once any new feature is introduced in platform, it is clear that they want to gather feedback quickly, and naturally linked in will promote this functions. 

Post a JOB 

Post job, Linked in rewards companies with extra visitors who have job openings by sending notifications to those in need for one. Not looking for an employee? Post a position any way, you never know what applicants you will receive, maybe the candidate you thought is not possible to find will pop up! 

Be proud to be part of the team 

Ask your companies current employees to state in their profiles that they work in your company! Once a person is having a job update( anniversary )  his whole follower/friend circle is getting notifications! And trust me, people are curious to see where their friends work!

Comments, likes and shares 

Basic but effective! Fan created shares, likes and comments always seems to work and bring exposure. But clearly it is more difficult to get them rolling on Linked in. It all circles back to great content, it just asks to be shared! It is crucial that your posts receive not only early engagement but steady and continuous engagement! 


Be part of groups or even better create your own! It is an awesome way to be part of your industry and  get to see what is in trend now. 

Pods and engagement groups!

Be careful with this one! And Yes they exist! As you can leverage some small activity once in a while I would not suggest to base all your engagement coming from Pods or engagement groups. 

Suggested Content 

Explore it -it is a free resource. Great place to seek inspiration for your next content or engage with industry leaders. IF you want to be the one you have to behave like one! As well it just allows you to instantly share engaging/ insightful  content created by someone else- why not ? 


Use Linked in analytics, see what content performs the best for your audience. 

A quick run trough, should give anyone a basic guidance in to how can you leverage Linked in and generate more traffic for your site.

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